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While working on the Shawty, we quickly realised that we were the whitest guys on the face of the planet. So what do two white guys do when faced with this reality? They schedule a sitdown between the head of the Crips and the Bloods at the local church. As you can guess, this was a tense meeting. Thankfully, the decades of bloodshed and destroyed lives between these two gangs was put aside and common ground was found in this very historic moment. After hours of brainstorming and design concepts, we managed to develop our latest e-brake button: The Shawty. Finally, a true alternative to the Love Button that is guaranteed to make the phattest of booty's clap in any '64 Cadillac (so we're told).

TYPE A suits only:
FRS, BRZ, FT86, Liberty, WRX/STI.

TYPE B suits only:
S13, 14, 15, R32, 33, 34, Cefiro, Laurel.

Material: 6061 aluminium
Height: 41mm
Maximum width: 23mm
Minimum width: 16mm
Internal thread: M5x0.8mm  (Type A)
Weight: 25g

Actual colours may vary. Colour fade may occur if exposed to continuous direct sunlight. All care is taken to eliminate imperfections, however due to the advanced colouring process some may be found. Products are intended for show use only.

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