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It’s been a long time coming. 

For years we have wanted to develop our own steering wheels. Something that reflects our penchant for high quality, extensive detail, and a commitment to being unique. We knew that if we wanted to achieve this, we would need the help of an industry professional in a country known for these exact qualities. The answer was easy: we went to Japan.

We chose ATC International to produce our steering wheels for their unparalleled blend of quality, consistency, and attention to detail. Based in Osaka, Japan, ATC has been the leading manufacturer of steering wheels for over three decades. Their reputation for superior craftsmanship has resulted in direct manufacturing partnerships with well-established brands including Vertex and KEY’s Racing.

We worked closely with ATC during the manufacturing process to ensure that every small detail was correct. Each individual steering wheel has been hand inspected and sequentially numbered, and comes complete with a horn button and hardware to mount to your existing boss kit or quick release.

Diameter: 330mm
Depth: 90mm
Finish: Black suede
Stitching: White
PCD: 70mm / 60°
Supplied hardware: Black steel
Optional hardware: Gold or Unicorn Vomit Titanium
Production quantity: Limited to 100 pieces 

Photography by Mitch Hemming


All sales are final. We are unable to offer any cancellations or refunds on limited edition products.

Each order will be automatically assigned a steering wheel number based on the time the order was placed. Please note that we are unable to accept requests to choose a specific steering wheel number.

All steering wheels are sold without a boss kit or adapter.