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At some point in history, there was a split in the royal family blood line. While Queen Elizabeth II continued on her path to becoming the supreme ruler of whatever the hell she does these days, a little-known secret was brewing beneath the sheets. Longer than Prince William's forehead, sharper than Prince Charle's lizard teeth, and with more punch than Prince Harry on a bender, it is now time for the secret to be revealed. Welcome: the Royals.

Material: 7075-T6 aerospace-grade aluminium
Length: 66mm
Maximum width: 22mm
Hex size: 18mm
Weight: 34g each

Royals are sold separately to Crowns.

Actual colours may vary. Colour fade may occur if exposed to continuous direct sunlight. All care is taken to eliminate imperfections, however due to the advanced colouring process some may be found. Products are intended for show use only.

Please research the sizing required for your vehicle prior to making a purchase. Refunds will not be accepted due to customer error.

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