The Love Button (Type A) - Gunmetal Grey

The Love Button (Type A) - Gunmetal Grey

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The Love Button is like the Deathgrip’s hot cousin. Feel free to give it a little thumb action now and then, but that’s about as far as you should go before your Uncle finds out.

TYPE A suits only:
FRS, BRZ, FT86, Liberty, WRX/STI.

Material: 6061 aluminium
Height: 53mm (FRS/BRZ)
Maximum width: 24mm (FRS/BRZ)
Minimum width: 16mm (FRS/BRZ)
Internal thread: M5x0.8mm  (FRS/BRZ)
Weight: 25g (FRS/BRZ)

Actual colours may vary. Colour fade may occur if exposed to continuous direct sunlight. All care is taken to eliminate imperfections, however due to the advanced colouring process some may be found. Products are intended for show use only.

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