The Shredmaster 5000

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Spawned deep within the Likewise lab, The Shredmaster 5000 is the revolutionary collaboration between ourselves, Gordon Ramsay and Ainsley Harriott. This high-quality shredding solution has long been desired all over the globe, from the most prestigious kitchens to your favourite back alley cook-up spots. For years, many have struggled with shredding their favourite herbs using cheap and inferior tools, but not anymore. Likewise has come to the rescue with blades so sharp that you'll need to wear two suits of amour. This makes the Shredmaster 5000 perfect for shredding the toughest and stickiest of herbs including chives, coriander, rosemary...etc.

To be purchased and used with The Daily Grind (sold separately).

Material: 6061 aluminium
Weight: 17g
Hex bolt size: 3mm (hex key is required for installation and is NOT included)
Bolts: included